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From the sandstone cliffs that zigzag the coastline to the old growth forests and the waterfalls in between, I never tire of exploring the Pacific Northwest (or location scouting for my next elopement or portrait session).

Elopements, intimate weddings and adventure portrait sessions have my heart. I connect best with outdoorsy couples and families who value storytelling images in breathtaking locations.

My roots are in photojournalism. I worked as a full-time staff photographer for about 10 years. I miss the newspaper biz, but I still have the opportunity to document important stories for my clients. ⁠⁠When you work with me, I’ll capture a mix of candid, genuine moments and naturally posed portraits.⁠⁠

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Capturing Love Along the Oregon Coast: Danielle Peterson Photography

Unveiling the Artistry of Danielle Peterson’s Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Discover the Essence of Oregon Coast Weddings

Nestled in the heart of Salem, Oregon, Danielle Peterson Photography stands as a beacon of artistry in the realm of wedding, elopement, and engagement photography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing genuine moments, Danielle has become synonymous with the beauty that graces Oregon Coast weddings.

A Journey Across Oregon: From Portland to the Rugged Coastline

Danielle’s photographic journey knows no bounds, as she extends her services across the entire state. From the bustling cityscape of Portland to the serene landscapes of Bend, and the enchanting beauty of Hood River, Danielle is ready to weave her magic wherever love takes her clients. Her ability to travel seamlessly ensures that every couple has the opportunity to have their special moments frozen in time by her lens.

Oregon Coast Elegance: A Specialization in Coastal Nuptials

While Danielle’s skills span the entire state, her heart finds its home along the captivating Oregon Coast. Specializing in coastal weddings, Danielle brings a unique touch to every ceremony she captures. The sound of crashing waves, the salty breeze, and the panoramic views become integral elements in the canvas of her work. Her portfolio is a testament to the diverse beauty that the Oregon Coast offers, with each image telling a story of love against the backdrop of this picturesque coastline.

The Art of Candid Realism: Danielle’s Signature Style

What sets Danielle Peterson Photography apart is her commitment to a beautiful photojournalistic style. Eschewing posed shots for the authenticity of the moment, Danielle captures weddings in a way that feels both candid and real. Every image tells a story, not just of the couple but of the ambiance, emotions, and intricate details that make each wedding a unique celebration of love.

Details, Emotions, and True Love: A Triumvirate in Danielle’s Portraits

In the hands of Danielle Peterson, wedding photography becomes more than just a visual record; it becomes a narrative of love. Her lens meticulously captures every detail, from the delicate lace on a wedding gown to the tearful joy in a parent’s eye. Emotions are frozen in time, creating a timeless collection of moments that couples can cherish for a lifetime. True love, the core of every celebration, emanates from her portraits, making them more than photographs—they are windows into the soul of the occasion.

Crafting Timeless Memories with Danielle Peterson Photography

Danielle Peterson’s passion for her craft, coupled with her ability to seamlessly blend into the essence of each wedding, makes her a sought-after name in Oregon’s wedding photography scene. Through her lens, love is not just captured; it is immortalized in a collection of timeless memories, creating a legacy that couples can revisit with joy for years to come.

Embracing Coastal Romance: The Allure of Oregon Coast Weddings

The Oregon Coast, with its rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and enchanting coastal towns, provides an idyllic backdrop for couples seeking a truly magical wedding experience. From the lively shores of Lincoln City to the serene charm of Pacific City, the majestic Cape Kiwanda, the historic allure of Newport, the intimate coastal vibes of Yachats, the iconic beauty of Cannon Beach, to the classic seaside charm of Seaside—the diversity of landscapes along the Oregon Coast offers an array of picturesque settings for couples to exchange vows.

Each location, whether it’s the dramatic cliffs of Cape Kiwanda or the sandy shores of Cannon Beach, adds a unique touch to the love story, creating an unforgettable tapestry of memories for couples embarking on their journey of matrimony. Oregon Coast weddings, through the lens of Danielle Peterson Photography, become a visual symphony, capturing not just the love between two individuals but also the breathtaking beauty of the coastal haven that witnesses the union of souls.